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1. Member Discount:
    We would calculate all order totals for your account and give you the discount accordingly.

level of Member All Orders Total Discount
VIP_1 More than 300 USD 1%
VIP_2 More than 1000 USD 2%
VIP_3 More than 5000 USD 3%
VIP_4 More than 20000 USD 4%
VIP_5 More than 100000 USD 5%
VIP_6 More than 200000 USD 6%

2. Order Discount:
If your vip has not reached a high level, we have another discount for a big order.

(Coupons can be used repeatedly)
Coupon Code Order Total Discount
CZB21U53 More than 300 USD 1%
YR6W27V8 More than 800 USD 2%
2BKOL4Y1 More than 1500 USD 3%
Z0TE0UVZ More than 2500 USD 4%
OBU3NKGM More than 4000 USD 5%

Please click the link below to claim the coupon:

This discount only includes the item amount, except shipping cost.
You can enjoy the above two discounts together, the system will automatically choose the larger amount discount for you.
For example: VIP_4  the one time order total is $4000, the discount is 4%(
VIP_4) + 5%(
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